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Multiple pages in a layout

Question asked by AndreasJohanson on Mar 21, 2014
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Multiple pages in a layout



     Not having a lot of luck here, I've been trying all sorts of combinations to no avail...

     The brief is as follows, I've written a CRM data base, one of the parts is a quote database.

     So far so good - but as my company sometimes do rather extensive proposals, I would like to have this documentation included  with the quote.

     In other words, I'd like a front page, then an 'about us' page, then a written brief - this could be up to 10 pages, then the list of items with discounts etc. etc. followed by the totals for the items listed.

     My problem is that I have no problem with the list as this is the body, but I do have issues with the fixed 2 page beginning and the actual proposal 1-10 pages until the body starts. I've tried to use Title Header, but this is restricted to one page....?

     Help !!!