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    multiple pics/ container fields



      multiple pics/ container fields


      I am no genius when dealing with programming or start-ups with programs, so I have a question concerning the container field for jpegs/gifs/etc.  I need to know how to put 10 pics in the container field, instead of just one.  The only answer I've gotten from phone support is to check here, or look at "Getting Started"...anyone who can be of assistance, would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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          A container field can only hold one object. If you want to put multiple images into one container field you would either use an image editing program to merge the images into a single large image or you would use separate container field for each image.

          Most flexible way to do that is to set up a table with a container field and any other fields you need to document that one image and to link it to other records in your database. You could, for example, have a layout where these 10 images can be viewed in a portal.

          To expand on that in more detail would require a more detailed description on your part on exactly what else you want to do besides putting these pictures into a FileMaker database.