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Multiple Pins in Web Viewer

Question asked by MediaSmith on Dec 16, 2011
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Multiple Pins in Web Viewer


I have a solution that uses the web viewer to display the location of properties.  I've been using it one at a time.  Now they want to see all properties that are managed and assigned to a particular office.  There are several offices.

The Web Viewer setup page ( I am using Google) allows me to insert fields and that works fine for "one at a time" viewing.  It also gives me the option to insert a calculated field for each parameter.  Tech Support suggests the following syntax:

"" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ Untitled::Address & "," & /*City=*/ Untitled::City & "," & /*State=*/ Untitled::State & "," & Untitled::Address 1 & "," & Untitled::City_1  &  ","  &  Untitled::State_1

This produces a starting point and and a pin (a green arrow and a red pin).  Map Quest is also supported on the setup page with the same parameters.  

Since these properties will change without notice, both in number and in location, I would like to use something that will calculate automatically as the file changes.  I guess I could build it with a script but it sounds very slow.

Any suggestions?