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Multiple Portal Filters

Question asked by j.hall on Jul 18, 2014
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Multiple Portal Filters


     I have a table with all the inventory for strips.

     Then I have a table that allows the user to pick strips and add them to a list.

     There are about 4 items that they can filter on. Right now, they have to fill out all 4 to get a list, or have none and they get all the files. (The strips table has about 20,000 records) 

     I would like it to update with each selection.

     So if they choose Grade it would filter out all the strips that didn't match that grade. Then when they picked Walls, it would filter out any that didn't match both.

     It's a cartesian relationship and they use global fields for the selections. But I'm having a bear of a time getting it to filter out the individual items.

     Any assistance would be helpful.