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    Multiple Portals



      Multiple Portals


      I have a contact database which uses a number of portals, all of which are in tabs. However I need to add a portal which is outside the tabs to show the same information as one of these other portals (so it is always available)


      The problem I have is that adding this new portal seems to prevent some of the functionality of the other portals (such as go to portal row) as it seems to defalut to the new portal.


      Is there a way to isolate the portals or identify which is which to prevent this happening?




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          Hi BigD


          If you have two instances of the same portal on the same layout the best thing to do would be to give them Object Names, and then in your script use the Go To Object script step before your Go to Portal Row step, if that is what you currently use.


          You name objects using the Info panel, in Layout Mode go 'View > Object Info' and it will pop-up.


          Then select your portals, one at a time, and give then unique names.


          Now in the script you might have for going to a portal row you might say:


          Go to Object [ "Portal 1 Object Name" ]
          Go to Portal Row [ 3 ]


          Or something along those lines. 


          I hope this helps 

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            Hi Orlando,


            Thanks for your help.


            I'm using v8 and I don't 'think' I've got that option available - it doesn't come up under View in Layout mode.


            Are there any other options?



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              I think the Object naming and scripting was introduced in v8.5, but don't have a copy of 8 on my machine to double check.


              OK Another option would simply be to duplicate the relationship you are viewing twice in the Relationship Graph, give it a different name and then change one of the portals to point to this second table occurrence.


              This is the only think I can think of but should do the trick. 

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                Thanks Orlando.


                That sorted it.