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multiple portals on a layout

Question asked by MarkGores on Nov 18, 2014
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multiple portals on a layout


I am probably missing something simple here.  I have a printed form I am trying to replace with one that can be done in FMP.

To accomodate the printing and presentation of the data, I have six portals on a layout to record test data, 17 rows each.  Each portal is related to a separate TO of the data table.  Above each portal is a field for Serial Number of the device being tested. 

The actual recorded data can vary from 2 measurements per sample to >100 per sample with anywhere from 1 to 5 samples.  So it is possible for some jobs to have one Serial Number take more than 1 portal.  The issue is, that if the same Serial Number is entered at the top of the portal, the data records from the previous portal show up.  Is there a way to have the portal relationship tie to the TO that it is related to when the data record is created?