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Multiple Portals on a Single Layout

Question asked by JimSilverman on Mar 7, 2011
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Multiple Portals on a Single Layout


As a newcomer to FileMaker, I understand tables and their relationships.  I have three tables:  Family, Person, and Purchases, each related to the next via key fields.  I have a layout based on the Family table, and a portal on that layout based on the Person table.  This portal seems to work properly vis-a-vis its parent table in the layout.  However, I also want to put another portal, based on the Purchases table, on this same layout.  I'd like the behavior of this layout to be as follows:  When I select a record in the Person portal, I'd like only the related records from the Purchases table to appear in its portal.  That said, I'm not sure how to tell the Purchases portal which record is the "current" record in the Person portal.

I also want to be able to create and delete records in the Purchases table via the Purchases portal.

How do I set up these portals?  In addition, how do I declare the foreign key fields in the child tables?  As auto-enter with a calculated value from its parent's primary key field?  (It doesn't seem as though I should have to do this, having declared the explicit relationship between these tables based on these primary/foreign key fields.)  Is there anything else I need to do when setting up the data model and the relationships, or the portals that present these relationships to the user?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Silverman