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Multiple Portals on Layout

Question asked by PauletteDalPorto on Feb 11, 2013
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Multiple Portals on Layout


     First, you guys are great!  Last week you were able to help me get my dashboard working, and I am totally grateful for that.  The database I am using is actually ending up to be three separate databases for each of the Directorates.  So I have modified the dashboard based on which Directorate the database is for.  On the dashboard, I have three portals, which are from the Customer Portal.  And each portal is sorted based on "type", which in this case is a lab name.  So for each Lab want the current month's purchase requests.  It seems that it is working correctly to a point.  It does show the separate purchases requests, however, it is showing the same "type" for all the portals.  So in the example below under Imaging, the records are correct, however, the type should be "Imaging", not "Spectroscopy".  Any ideas on why this is happening?