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Multiple Portals on Same Layout different filters

Question asked by zosodp on Nov 18, 2011
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Multiple Portals on Same Layout different filters


I am working on a database for use by the collegiate bowling program that I am a coach for. The database contains 2 tables. The first table contains the bowler names and cumulative statistical information. The second table contains the detail information we are collecting for each frame the bowler bowls. The tables both contain the bowler name so there is a relationship setup for that.

Everything I need to do is currently working but I wanted to create a layout that contained a portal for each bowler showing the last 10 frames they bowled along with information from the detail table. I am not 100% finished, but I have everything figured out but this one thing.

I cannot figure out how to setup the portals so each one only shows information for a single bowler.

I have extensive experience with Microsoft Access and know how to do it there but I cannot figure out a way to do it in Filemaker.

Basically, I want Portal 1 to show bowler 1, Portal 2 to show bowler 2, etc (there can be up to 8 bowlers). The names of the bowlers can change from event to event, so I cannot hardcode the names in the portal filter.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.