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Multiple Price Lists

Question asked by DimitriOgden on Feb 27, 2013
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Multiple Price Lists



     I have a table “Customers”

Customer                               PriceList

     Bob’s Furniture shop            Reseller

     Lloyds Bank                           Corporate

     Dave doe                                EndUser


     I have Table “Price List “

Product          PriceList         Price

     Box                 Reseller          5$

     Box                 Corporate       7$

     Box                  Enduser         10$

     Chair               Reseller          3$

     Chair               Corporate       6$

     Chair               Enduser          9$


     I have a table “Invoice”

Customer       Product

     What I would like to happen is to put a customers name(i.e. Lloyds Bank) into Invoice:Customer and then a product(i.e.Box) into Invoice:Product and I would  the database to fine the correct price.

     Any Help on this would be greatly appreciated?