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    Multiple Price Lists



      Multiple Price Lists



           I have a table “Customers”

      Customer                               PriceList

           Bob’s Furniture shop            Reseller

           Lloyds Bank                           Corporate

           Dave doe                                EndUser


           I have Table “Price List “

      Product          PriceList         Price

           Box                 Reseller          5$

           Box                 Corporate       7$

           Box                  Enduser         10$

           Chair               Reseller          3$

           Chair               Corporate       6$

           Chair               Enduser          9$


           I have a table “Invoice”

      Customer       Product

           What I would like to happen is to put a customers name(i.e. Lloyds Bank) into Invoice:Customer and then a product(i.e.Box) into Invoice:Product and I would  the database to fine the correct price.

           Any Help on this would be greatly appreciated?


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               Are you Familiar with this data model?


               To sell product, you create a new record in Invoices, select the customer and then use a portal to LineItems to list the items sold to that customer in that specific sales transaction.

               We can modify the above setup (just helped another poster with their set up for that), so that the type of customer determines the price returned. We can either have separate records in product for each Item-Price pairing or a new related table of just product Ids, Pricing Categories and prices can be used to produce the pricing lists.

               But First I need confirmation on your basic set up here.

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                 thanks for that bit of info...I'll have a look at my relationships and see if I can figure it out from 


                 and write back if I have trouble.

                 Thanks again for your reply.

                 All the best 


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                   Take a look at this modified demo file that works off of two pricing categories: