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    Multiple Record Data Comparitor



      Multiple Record Data Comparitor


      I would like to pull up multiple records to compare/verify data. I would also like the data to generate a pass or fail response. Any suggestions? 

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          What records out of all those in the table would you pull up?

          To compare to what? Another record? Data entered into a Field or group of fields?

          To pull up multiple records is to enter find mode, enter criteria and then to perform a find. The fact that they had to match specific criteria means that they have already been "compared" (to the search criteria) in order to bring them up in a found set.

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            Currently my custostomer Service department duplicates a record containing about 100 fields to start a new order. Sometimes the information overwritten by customer service on the new record conflicts with the previous fields in a record causing errors in production. What I need is for two records to be up at the same time in a list view so I can at least view the data next to one another. Attached is a screen shot of a single record in a non list format.

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              And what is preventing you from adding a layout designed in list view so that the original record and the new record appear one above the other?

              A button that performs the script to duplicate the record can also isolate the original and duplicates in a found set of just the two records. Then a simple button setup to switch you from the current layout to the list view layout and back again can be employed so that you have a way to compare the two records.

              Conditional formats on the field can use GetNthRecord expressions to highlight fields where the data is different. (That can even work with the current layout though you can't see the conflicting data in the original record.)

              A table view might also work for this, but I recommend table views be reserved for "developer debug" use as they can enable regular users to get into trouble.

              You can also set up various controls that prevent the conflict in the first place. Validation rules, for example can compare Field A in the record being edited to Field A in the original record and pop up an error message if they do not match.

              You can also set things up so that fields that already contain data cannot be modified or that always pop up a warning dialog ("do you really want to do this...") when they do and with an option that reverts the field to it's original value.

              You might also take a look at why this conflicting data is being duplicated in each new record. If it is supposed to be the same data each time for a given customer, then perhaps this data should not be in this record at all but in a related record that both old and new records link to via a relationship and then various approaches can be used to limit access to the data in this related record.