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Multiple Records at Once creation

Question asked by henryhu91 on Mar 21, 2013
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Multiple Records at Once creation



     Hello FM Users, 

     what would be a good apporach for multiple items to order at once?
     I've Product Table (stored Product Info) and Transaction table (keep track of quantity in and out).
     I would like to have users able to create multiple records at once (proabably in list view) for Transaction table and each record need fields like Supplier Name, Quantity, Inventory to (value list with US or China). 

     Users will need to input any numbers of records that they desire on that layout. it could be 100 or 10 records. after they fill in the values in those fields, those records will not be created yet until they are ready to create by clicking a scripted button to create all those records. I'm thinking of global fields and don't really know how repetitive fields will work.

     any suggestion or comment please? what should I include in script?

     what would be a good apporach? 

     Thank you