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Multiple Records Displayed in One Field

Question asked by RedDot1 on Jul 8, 2013
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Multiple Records Displayed in One Field


     I have seen some previous posts on this subject but they usually involve more complex situations and are hard to apply to my situation which is that I have a table with five fields:

     P1 (primary key field, a number)

     P2 (Label, text)

     P3 (Number, a number)

     P4 (foreign key field, a number)

     Concatenate (a calculation field = P2 & "  " & P3)

     I would like to create an additional field that contains a list of all the records in Concatenate that each P4 record has.  So for example if I have 6 records in this table:

     P1        P2        P3        P4

     100      ABC     789      500

     101      DEF     573      501

     102      JKL      547      502

     103      DEF     210      500

     104      JKL      589      500

     105      ABC     698      501

     I would like to create a new field that contains (if I am on the P4 record 500:

     ABC     789

     DEF     210

     JKL      589

     Or if I am on the P4 record 501:

     DEF     573

     ABC     698

     Or if on the P4 record 502:

     JKL      547

     I created a new table incidence and a self-join relationship but the new field using the List function only lists the first record for each P4 record.  What am I doing wrong?

     Thanks for any help.