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Multiple records in one portal

Question asked by RossJett on Sep 3, 2010
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Multiple records in one portal


I created an inventory database to keep track of what's going into and out of our warehouse. As part of this, I wanted to have a form where a user can order new materials if we are running low on something. I made a purchase order form and as part of this, I wanted to have an area where users could enter in the product numbers of what they needed along with a quantity. Here are the tables I'm working with:

 Purchase Orders                 Materials

po_number                          product_code

date                                    description

product_code                      price








In the Purchase Order Layout, I have a portal where I wanted the user to be able to enter in product codes along with quantities of what they needed in order to arrive at a total order amount. My problem is that I can't enter in multiple products in this portal. product_code is a foreign key in the purchase order table and a prime key in the materials table. Where am I going wrong?