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    Multiple records per label?



      Multiple records per label?


      Filemaker 9

      Basically I need to do a sort of records and create a label that has 3 or 4 records per 1 label, multiple labels on a page

      Seems simple but I'm stumped



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          Perhaps you could create a table just for this labels layout with some type of relational link back to your original table. You could then have one record per label as expected. Then you place a portal on your label layout to list your multiple records/label.


          I don't know if you can get that to work. It's theoretically possible, but may not work for you.

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            Well it has been years since I have had to think in filemaker

            Someone had this solution to a similar question but it confuses me a little.

            1  create a separate table "4uplables" with the required layout

            2  create a found set in the original table

            3  create a temporary serial number 1,2,3,4,.... in the found set

            4  create new records in the table "4uplables" using serials 1,5,9 etc (so serial +4) as many as the found set divided by 4

            5  create 4 relationships: serial, serial+1, serial+2, serial+3 to the found set's temp serial 

            6  put related fields of all four relationships in every quadrant of the layout in "4uplabels"

            you should have 4 separate records on one label now, delete the records after printing


            This was a solution for 4 records per label but I'm lost after 3

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              I'm not certain. But, maybe: 


              Create a layout with as many portals (based on table occurrences based on the same table, with a self join) as there are labels that can fit in the layout.  Let the first portal set so it displays records 1-4, the second so it displays records 5-8, et... 


              Create a second layout that does the same thing, et...


              Of course, this really hits a wall, when you have more than just a few records... so it's not going to work.  

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                   You could sub-summarize the records by an unstored calculation field =


                Div ( Get (RecordNumber) - 1 ; 4 )



                However, I wonder why don't you simply reduce the size of the body part, so that 4 records fit on a single label.

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                  Reduce the size of the body part? I wish it was that easy, are we talking about the same thing?


                  This is the delema, I have 4000 records, each one is an electronic part. 

                  I need to print lables for the parts drawers, each drawer has 4 parts in it.

                  I do a sort that correctly puts the parts in the order


                  So now I need to print a sheet of 100 labels that has the part description of 4 parts (records) on each label


                  I dont know how reducing the body size would help me do a whole sheet of labels? but I'm all ears !


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                       Filemaker doesn't know about labels. It only knows about columns and rows. If you have a sheet of 4 x 25 labels, you can tell Filemaker to print 4 columns of 100 records each. It's only a matter of fine-adjusting the size and positioning so that each 4 records in a column get printed on the same (real) label.
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                      I think Comment's got the right idea. Kudos for thinking outside the box!


                      Don't use Filemaker's built in "create a label layout by entering a label id widget".


                      1. Instead, create a list view report layout specifying the same number of columns as you have columns of labels.
                      2. Create header and footer parts to match the header and footer parts of your label page.
                      3. Size your body to be exactly 1/4 the height of your labels.
                      4. Set left and right margins as needed to match your label page.
                      5. Print out sample pages and compare to your label sheet until everything matches--you may have to adjust the height of your three report parts by small amounts until everything fits correctly.


                      Make sense?

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                        Totally correct, I was making it too complicated

                        I am also fortunate in that I have a laser to cut these small card stock labels myself 


                        The one thing I will have to play with is because of how these custom labels fit the drawers (part is hidden)

                        It would help if I could create extra space in the vertical columns between each group of 4 records