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Multiple Related Data

Question asked by BrooksLeisure on Jan 24, 2015
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Multiple Related Data



I am using FM12. I have 2 tables; Machines List and Parts List

I would like to show related data in each table.

Multiple machines can use the same part and each machine can use several different parts.

For Exampe: if I have 5 machines and 3 parts

Machine 1; Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3

Machine 2; Part 1 + Part 3

Machine 3; Part 2 + Part 3

Machine 4; Part 1

Machine 5; Part 3

I would like to show all the different parts available to a machine in the machine list and I would like to show all the machines that can use the part in the parts list. I presume the best way of doing this is via a portal, however I am unsure as to how to relate the tables.

I have a Machine ID field in the machine list and a Part ID field in the parts list (each is set to auto enter serial number on creation)

Once the tables are related I am also unsure as to how I will actually join the records, I have approx 500 machines and 100 parts so I guess I would be in the machine list side and add the part ID to each machine through the related portal?

Many thanks in advance for any help