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Multiple relations from one datebase to to another

Question asked by JohnFalck on Sep 8, 2011
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Multiple relations from one datebase to to another



I have a Datebase where I enter all my rabit details called <Rabit Card> I then created a <Batch Card> that record all the matings and activities for my breeding purposes.  The <Rabit Card> have a tab call <Mating Details> where I record the doe and the multiple bucks (up to 4) that I use to breed one doe.

I get the first relation right where I simple insert the cage number for the doe on the <Batch card> and the details like doe ID name age breed etc is displayed.  The problem is when I add another buck cage number from the same database <Rabit Card> there is a clash between the data and all the fields go blank unless the the two cage numbers for the bucks and doe are the same.

How do I get to display at least 5 different animals detail on the <Bath card> without creating 5 different database that will duplicates of each other just with different names to get the relation on one <Batch Card> (5 different cage numers) from fiive different databases. 

All info about rabbits ase located in one databas as a refference <Rabbit Card>

Please help