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    Multiple relationships



      Multiple relationships



           I have 2 tables with my products. My products are defined by 3 barcodes, and i would link them by using these codes.

           The problem is that some codes are missing. For example, i have a product with cip7 and cip13 in my first table and on cip7 in my second table.

           How can i link my 2 tables to link my product if there is at least one code in common ?

           Thanks for your help ! 


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               Can you explain why you have three different codes in three different fields of the same record? That seems pretty unusual.

               I can think of a possible fix, but I am assuming things that may not be the actual case here for your data.

               I can set up a relationship that matches any record in request_sql_3_4_ to any record in Export 241113 if at least one of the three fields in the first table matches at least 1 of the three codes in the second. (See the assumption that could be wrong?)

               Define a calculation field, cBarcodeList in the first table as:

               List ( ean13 ; cip7 ; cip13 )

               define the same calculation field in the second table and then select them as your match field.

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                 First , why 3 codes, because we have specific barcodes cip7 (old 7 digits) and the new cip13 (13 digits), and also the common EAN (UPC in north america). We are just retailer, we don't choose that !

                 Thank for your answer, it's working great !!!