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Multiple relationships deep

Question asked by miw on Mar 10, 2010
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Multiple relationships deep


I have been able to build my database efficiently using simple file relationship links when the relationship is only one step away.  I always use the FM assign auto serial number of a table field to be my link to another table (because that ID is always unique and cannot be edited once committed).  Now I am trying to create table which would link to all tables that may be multiple relationships deep; I cannot quite figure out how to do it.  Here is my structure (I am noting only the linked fields and not all the other fields for the table):


TABLES:        Country                    Den                             Type                              Inv

FIELDS:           CountryID----------<CountryLink>--------<CountryLink  




I am set with good links, layouts and portals for the Country, Den and Type tables.  Linking the Type table to the Inv table is problematic.  I was hoping I can solely establish the Type link to bring in all the predecessor table information for an Inv record.  However, I cannot figure out how to make that link work in a layout because I need to pick the Type link that would incorporate the descriptive characteritstics (not the serial number IDs which actual form the link because they are not descriptive and since they are multiple tables away, a pop-up menu list doesn't help) of the Type, Den and Country names at one time (I can have many Countries linked to a Type; I can have many Types linked to a Den - so making a Type selection requires knowing the possible combinations to choose the unique Type that incorporates the desired Den and Country).  Any ideas?