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    Multiple Relationships Issue



      Multiple Relationships Issue


      Hello Everyone,

      I'm new to FM Pro 10 and I'm trying to create a proper relational database. 


      My problem is that in the KeyData Table, I can pull up the room, but I can’t pull up the Suite. It should work like this:


      KeyData [RoomID] -> Rooms[SuiteID] -> Suites[Suite] and that path should return the Suite Name in the KeyData table, but so far its only returning blanks for suites. I think I've read that FM Pro has problems grabbing field values from chained tables, is this true? and if so is there a work around? Thanks for any input.



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          "Chained tables" work in Filemaker--though there is a bug with Instant Web Publishing portals in Filemaker 10 (haven't seen any reports on whether Filemaker 11 fixed this) where fields more than one table occurrence away won't display correctly.


          Make sure that you have a rooms record with values that correctly link your Key Data record to a Suite Record. If there's no record in Rooms to "bridge the gap" you won't see any matching Suites data.