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Multiple relationships via a portal

Question asked by BarryIrvine on Oct 31, 2011
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Multiple relationships via a portal


I seem to be struggling again with my relationships via a portal.

I have a Donor entity who can make multiple Donations. A Donation is always linked to a Campaign/Event.

So Donor->Donation->Event.

Donation is linked to Donor with donor_id and Event is linked to Donation with event_id.

On my Donor layout I have a portal to Donation which displays 2 Donations on screen and the rest can be accessed using the scrollbar.

I'm struggling to set the value of event_id in the correct Donation record. It seems to only update the first Donation record linked to the Donor.

This is what I did:

I created a Global field called gEventName in the Donation table (I didn't particularly want this to be global but I couldn't get the find to work otherwise).

After setting the value of gEventName using the drop-down list, I fire off a setEvent script onObjectModify:

if [Donation::gEventName ≠ ""]

Go to Layout ["Event" (Event) ]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [ Event::event_name; Donation::gEventName]

Perform Find []

Set Variable [$EventId; Value:Event::event_id]

Go to Layout[original layout] #I've also tried going to the Donation layout here too

Set Field [Donation::event_id; $EventId ]

Set Field [Donation::gEventName] #Clear the global variable after the find

End If

It only updates the event_id/event_name in the first Donation record in the portal - even if I perform the find in the second record.

Here is a screenshot that may help understand the issue: