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    Multiple Reports on One Page



      Multiple Reports on One Page


      The report I've produce only involves 4 or 5 records leaving plenty of room on the page for a 2nd report. Is there a way to produce two reports on one page? My first report has a header, body, and trailing grand summary.


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          Is each report a record or a group of records?

          Either way it is possible to do this, but the details differ.

          A list view layout can list multiple records on the same page.

          If each report is a group of records, you can add a Sub Summary layout part to serve as the report header for each indivdual report. That can produce this outline on a single page or multiple pages:

          Report 1 --> field in sub summary layout part
             Record for report 1
             Record for report 2
             and so forth...

          Report 2 -->same field, same sub summary part but with different value in field
             Record for Report 2
             and so forth

          The key to doing this is you need a value in a field that every record in the report has in common and the next report's group of records has a different common value in that same field. Then you set up your sub summary part to be "when sorted by" this field and you then sort your recorsd on this field to group your records.

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            That helps and gets me very close. Both reports do have multiple records. The same records will be in both reports, I'm trying to report more fields than comfortably fit in one line, so I need a second header to complete. I don't think the solution above quite works for this scenario. Here is a pic of the report format in Excel that I'm trying to replicate.


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              You can't list the same records twice on the same page, so you won't be able to list two reports on the same page in such cases. But there still may be ways to get what you want.

              You also have completely different columns of data--that's pretty hard to do on a FileMaker layout, thought not absolutely impossible to pull off.

              There might be ways to do this with two very large portals set to slide up and reduce the enclosing part to eliminate unused portal rows. A similar setup using the Execute SQL function and two very large fields might also be a way to do this if you have FileMaker 12.