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    multiple requests vs value list?



      multiple requests vs value list?


      I want to be sure:


      Is doing a multiple request find such as:


      name = john

      name = bill

      name = ted


      the same as doing 1 find request with a valuelist pasted into the name field?


      name = john



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          Not the same.  Multiple find requests produce an OR condition.  So:


          request 1 Name = John will find records with John or those with John in the multiline (no matter where in the multiline).


          request 2 Name = Bill will find Bill or Bill in multiline ... etc


          Whereas a multiline will only find records with all three names (it produces an AND) condition.


          UPDATE:  Also if you are searching for a multiline, it will find any multiline records with all three of the names (also regardless of their order in the multiline).