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Multiple Runtime apps accessing one external (.fmpur) data source?

Question asked by MatthewTaylor on Jan 23, 2014
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Multiple Runtime apps accessing one external (.fmpur) data source?


     Hi All, 

     I've been using Access for my 9-5 job for a few years, and I've really wanted to start working more with Filemaker. So I got a copy of FMPA and wanted to make a simple Runtime app for my wife's small business. I've taken a few online courses ( and put something together, but I am still having some issues. Here's the way I have it setup currently (and the issue) 

     Right now I have the runtime app accessing a central "backend" external data source with a few tables. The Backend is sitting on our Mac Mini file share. (I do not have FM Server). This setup works fine for us if only one is in at a time, but we get a "file is in use" error if we both try to use it at the same time. 

     I know with Access I can have a MANY runtime clients accessing the same backend database file at the same time... is that a limitation to Filemaker? Or am I just missing a setting someplace?


     Thanks in advance!