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Multiple Runtime Files

Question asked by carlos_panda on May 4, 2012
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Multiple Runtime Files


Apologies if the solution to this problem should be obvious but...

I have developed a single file runtime application.

I wish to distribute the runtime application along with with a number of separate files (eg: "Sample File", "Template File A", "Template File B", "Update File" etc). All of these files are essentially the same basic file but contain different data that has been pre-entered in FPro Advanced to provide example or starter files. I would also like the user to be able to rename their files.

Is there a way that I can create these files so that the user can have multiple files with different names (but the same extension) on their computer and the ability to open any of them from the desktop?

I have tried creating a separate runtime application for each file, using the same bind key and extension, then deleting all but the first runtime application (but keeping the runtime files). However, no matter which runtime file I try to open the one that actually opens is the runtime file linked to the first runtime application.

Surely it must be possible to have more than one runtime file that opens with one runtime application?



ps: I would rather avoid any possible solutions (if they indeed exist) that involve an invisible / off screen primary file to which all the other files are linked.