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    Multiple Runtimes



      Multiple Runtimes


      I have a client that I have made multiple small runtime solutions for. I am using 8.5 on XP.  He would like to open multiple runtimes at once, but now if he opens a second one, the first on disappers, and it is not in the windows menu.


      Is there a setting that will allow multiple runtimes to run at once?



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             I have created runtimes for my use at work.  I can't get IT to make Filemaker Pro an approved program.  In order to use more than one at a time, I had to create the runtimes with different file extensions.  I use *.MT1, *.MT2, etc.  Currrently I am able to use any of the four at the same time.
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            Thanks for the reply!


            If I understand you correctly, I would change my runtime.exe to runtime.MT1, etc.


            When I try to open runtime.MT1, it will not open.  


            If I change runtime.exe to runtime.exe.MT1, it will not open.  


            If I change runtime.exe to runtime.MT1.exe It opens, but I still can only  have 1 runtime open at a time.


            Did I misunderstand your solution?



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              I did have runtime_db1.tkh open with runtime_db1.exe and runtime_db2.tkh open with runtime_db2.exe


              Now I have runtime_db1.mt1 open with runtime_db1.exe and runtime_db2.mt2 open with runtime_db2.exe.


              I do not mess with the executables name, only the database file. 

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                THAT WAS IT!!


                If I put a shortcut on the desktop to the database file, (the .USR file) instead of the .exe file, I can open multiple databases and access them through the "Window" menu in the runtime.



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                  But you might want to be careful with that. This is a caution from the FMP10 ADV help:

                  "Important  Your users should start your solution by double-clicking the runtime application icon, not the solution file icon. Double-clicking the icons for the solution or auxiliary files might result in errors, depending on whether there are other copies of the runtime application on their hard disk. If your users have more than one solution on their computers associated with the same three-character extension and they double-click the icon for the solution file, the first solution installed will attempt to open the file, and this might not be the correct application for the specific solutions file." 

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                    Thanks for the input!


                    Are you saying that the database runtime files that are the .exe files are customized for each solution?


                    Or are you saying that an older runtime may not work properly with a newer runtime?




                    You said "If your users have more than one solution on their computers associated with the same three-character extension..."

                         are you talking about the .exe file or the .USR file.  If it is the .USR file I can easily change that extension for each solution.






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                      Hi. I'm not sure I understand your second question, since runtimes are separate from one another.

                      But relative to your first question, yes. I believe the reason for FM's cautionary note is due to how a given runtime solution involves unique binding of the various files: .EXE, primary, auxiliary, etc. It seems that can get compromised if the user attempts to launch a solution "backwards".


                      Regarding your third question, that is a direct quote from FM help. Yes, it refers to the solution file extension. If it is not unique and the user tries to launch via the solution instead of the runtime, it could attempt to open a wrong, unbound runtime I believe.


                      If you search help for "runtime" you will find numerous entries dealing with various aspects: creating, binding, naming, distributing, developer obligations, etc. Very helpful information.


                      (Incidentally, I believe that same caution about non-unique extensions -- e.g., USR -- possibly extends to other apps on the Windows platform. On Mac OS X, FM already has registered with Apple USR as a unique extension. The Help file has more.)

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                        I can get the results I need by doing the following:


                        Set a unique extension and Bind Key for each runtime solution.  This allows me to open several runtimes at once even by opening each .exe not the database.


                        Thanks for all of the help.