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Multiple Search Criterias in Portal

Question asked by Gilo on Jul 16, 2015
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Multiple Search Criterias in Portal



Does FM allow us, to filter records by multiple criterias in a portal?

I have a table, called document, with records having client_no., status, paiement. I've created a matrixfield in documents, where i get different codes style @ABA or @ABC. this works fine unless i want to see all records where status does not matter (ok AND not ok). so I would need @A*C. Is this possible via a portal relationship?

So I need a solution where I can filter my portal which 3 criteria but where is a possibility where i can also see all records without filter. Right now my calculated field has already 60+ lines. And if a change is due, this would take hours to replace all spots on the cal. script.


I do not know SQL at all, so would appreciate a FM solution.