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Multiple searches of same selection of records

Question asked by pauhana658 on Feb 2, 2013
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Multiple searches of same selection of records


     I would like to be able to search all records and save the found set. Then, I want to search that found set multiple times using different criteria each time. In other words, before each subsequent search, I want to restore the found set from the very first search. 

     I have several buttons for performing that first search and a popup menu of search choices for the subsequent searches. I want to be able to select choices from that popup to find records within the set of records found by the first search. 

      I've tried "Modify Last Find" and "Constrain Found Set," but, while the first subsequent search works fine, all searches after that first subsequent search work only on the "new" found set until there are literally no records left in the found set.

     Of course, I can perform that first search every time before I do a subsequent search, but that offends my sense of user friendliness. Surely there is a simpler way?