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    Multiple Sheets for One Record



      Multiple Sheets for One Record


      I am trying to create an additional sheet in my record layout. I see that I can create a tab, however, I am failing to activate that tab to link to an additional page for a given record. How would this be best accomplished? Thanks!

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          Filemaker doesn't work this way.


          You can create new blank records for the table to which your current layout refers and fill them out. But you can't create a new "page" for an existing record. You can also set up a portal linking to a list of related records and can you can create new related records in the portal.

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               Ok, so can these blank records be a different format and house different information than the original record? How would I do something like this?
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              You can define different tables and link them with relationships. Each table can store different types of information. You might put customer contact information in one table and invoice records in another table to give an example.


              You can also create several different layouts for displaying records from the same table but with different formats.


              If you give an example of what you want to do, I--or another forum member can suggest a way to do what you want.

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                   Well, I trying to create a database to archive a bunch of documents pertaining to different projects. So, while I have attached the references document its record, I wanted to have another sheet with attachments to other related documents. Let me know how I could go about doing this with different tables. Thanks!
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                  In addition to the help you can get here, you may want to get a book on the subject and invest some time in learning more about databases. There are also tutorials available.


                  Define two tables:


                  Documents // define all fields needed to describe one document.

                  Include a Document ID field that uniquely identifies each record, the simplest and usually best is to define an auto-entered serial number field.



                  RelatedDocuments // at least two fields

                  Document ID

                  Document // A container field to hold the document or a reference to a document



                  Documents :: Document ID = RelatedDocuments :: Document ID


                  The records from the Related Documents table can be displayed in a portal on a layout based on Documents to list any number of related documents.


                  For a more sophisticated way to link documents, see this thread:http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=FM-en-4&message.id=26082&query.id=292297#M26082