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Multiple summary fields in final report

Question asked by MaryAnn on Jun 4, 2010
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Multiple summary fields in final report


I am using FMP6 with Windows 7.  I am trying to track expenditures by requisition. I have two files, the requisiton file that contains the requisition information such as company, quantity, description, and total amount approved.  The second file is for purchases against the requisitions, with a record for each purchase.  I need to creat a report that shows all requisitions, company name, requisition number, amount approved, total spent and balance. My total spent field is a summary field for "total" based on purchase amount, with running total checked.    I have a sub summary sorted on the requisition number, but the amount spent and the balance for that requisition are not correct, but appears to be a running total from the previous gorup of records above it in the report.  How do I set up the report to show a sub total spent and balance for each requisition and a grand total for everything spent on all requisitions?