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Multiple Table Import

Question asked by RickyFarr on Oct 27, 2012
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Multiple Table Import


     Dear All,

     I thought I was finally getting somewhere and managed to get the database structure we needed and working on the ipad. 

     We tried to import our database after exporting it from FMGo - to find that only 1 table was being imported. Is it true that you can only import 1 table with FM Pro and need FM Pro Advanced if you want to import multiple?

     If so FM Pro Advanced is not a possability at the moment.... therefore we will have to get all our data in 1 table - just one glitch...

     We have almost 90 procedures in a list - in our previous version we used a portal to add a line for each procedure selected (as multiple procedures are done). Now if we cannot import multiple tables, portals wont work - therefore is there a way around this issue?

     Is it possible to select a procedure from a list and have a button copy the selection and paste it into a new field... then if a different procedure was selected by pressing the button again it updates the field with the two selected procedures added?

     I feel I am going round and round in circles..... I get something working, just to find another hurdle lol

     Thanks in advance