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Multiple Table Report Generation

Question asked by scalar on Jan 7, 2014
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Multiple Table Report Generation


     Hi All,

     I recently updated and converted a dated database from Access into Filemaker.

     I have everything built exactly as I need it with calculations and navigation between tables, however, after numerous hours, have struggled to find a method of conducting a "find" across multiple tables, generating specific information from multiple tables onto one report.  In Access this was a "query", and let you pick and choose different fields from different tables as long as the tables were related in some way.

     Specifically, I have a contact table, 2 content tables, 2 promotional purchase tables, and 1 total billing table.  The reason for the 2 separate content and promotional purchase tables is that we have 2 types of products, and one contact may purchase components of either product.  What I would like to be able to do, as I was able to do in Access, is pull specific fields from 2 or more of these related tables and display a report with this information, while maintaining the current structure and display of my current tables