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Multiple tables and relationships

Question asked by Daniel on Nov 16, 2013
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Multiple tables and relationships


     FM pro 12

     I am working on a database for my dog training club. I have owners, dogs and classes which I hope is all fine

     I also want to keep track of payments per term (10 weeks) which is not the same for each class. So a dog has an owner, the dog is in one or more classes. A number of classes will start a term on the same date and I would like to have an overview and permanent record  of which dog/owner was in that class in that particular term and how much and how they paid.

     Below is a picture of what I have so far , I suspect I might need another "intermediate or join "table but am a bit puzzled where and what to put into this.  I am stuck with the payment line items table that shows up blanks instead of a list of dogs & owners per term.

     Can anyone recommend a link that will help me out with this? I have watched several tutorials but none seem to cover this.


     Many thanks in advance