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Multiple tables within a file/Linking formula-driven cells in different tables

Question asked by JohnFleury on Mar 5, 2013
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Multiple tables within a file/Linking formula-driven cells in different tables


     I just downloaded the trial for FileMaker Pro today and am still learning the basics, but there are some techniques I need to get the hang of before anything else.

     The first is trying to figure out if it's possible to make and contain multiple tables within a single file.  I'm trying to import and recreate an Excel file that has multiple worksheets within it, and things will be a lot easier if the database file in FMP can do something similar.  Importing each worksheet one at a time, each one appears below the previous one on the same table.  Is it possible to give each one a unique table, but have them all be contained in the same file?

     The other, more important factor is linking the data in specific cells to other cells.  The file I'm trying to recreate starts out with an inventory list containing several items and their prices, followed by individual sheets that focus on different clients, and the number of items our company uses and their total cost.  I'm hoping I can somehow connect the cells for each item's price on the client sheets back to their equivalent on the inventory list at the beginning, so that whenever prices for items change, all we have to do is edit the inventory list, and the cooresponding cells will automatically update.  Is this possible?

     One last thing: How do you apply formulas to cells, if you can at all?  The Excel file already has them linked to certain other cells, both making use of multiplication and division.   Is it possible to recreate these formulas in FMP, or even copy them automatically from the Excel file?