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Multiple Tabs and Multi-Tables

Question asked by PerryFarrell on Sep 25, 2011
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Multiple Tabs and Multi-Tables


I started to expand my new database with tabs. Each tab is going to present and store different data. For example, Tab 1 is all the Services we provide in specific market. This was up and working fine. Tab 2 is a Photo catalog of images of our company serving consumers in a specfic market ( I grabbed and copied a starter solution photo catalog for this). Then I will add more tabs such as Media Press contact information for each market. But as I tried to configure the Photo catalog, I noticed when I clicked on Table View that it did not build a unique table of fields. It merely expanded off from the initial table called Services that I initially set-up. Then all my data in my initial Services table disappeared and each field in it became <Unrelated Table>. So now everything is broken and I am completely lost on FileMaker. Thanks in advance.