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    Multiple Tabs and Multi-Tables



      Multiple Tabs and Multi-Tables


      I started to expand my new database with tabs. Each tab is going to present and store different data. For example, Tab 1 is all the Services we provide in specific market. This was up and working fine. Tab 2 is a Photo catalog of images of our company serving consumers in a specfic market ( I grabbed and copied a starter solution photo catalog for this). Then I will add more tabs such as Media Press contact information for each market. But as I tried to configure the Photo catalog, I noticed when I clicked on Table View that it did not build a unique table of fields. It merely expanded off from the initial table called Services that I initially set-up. Then all my data in my initial Services table disappeared and each field in it became <Unrelated Table>. So now everything is broken and I am completely lost on FileMaker. Thanks in advance.


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          A tab control can be used for this, but it may not be the best option and is definitely not the simplest option.

          In Manage | database | relationships, you'll find a number of "boxes" that point to different tables defined in your database. A layout can refer to one and only one of these boxes and thus to the table that it lists as its "data source table". Access to all other tables is via any relationships you define between that occurrence and other occurrences shown in this window. The relationship you define and the values of key fields in the current record on your layout will control what data, if any, is accessible from any such related tables.

          To set this up with a single tab control, you'd need to first define a relationship that links your two tables and then either place the related fields on tab 2 or use a portal to list multiple related records on tab 2.

          Due to these requirements, you may find it easier to set up a separate layout for each table. With some slight of hand, you can make each look like two (or more) tabs of the same tab control, but clicking tabs actually click buttons that change layouts. If I remember correctly, some of the starter solutions use this trick to simulate tab controls with a tabs to different tables...