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    Multiple text entries in a field need to be deleted



      Multiple text entries in a field need to be deleted


           I have FM Pro 12 and one of the fields where users can enter data saves all prior data entries.  So therefore when a user wants to enter data in that field, over 250 different entries are "saved" as choices that can be used.  If someone in the past has misspelled a word and entered it, it's now "saved" as a choice for future entries.  This is a problem.

           This field is in use with 3,000 current records.  I want to do two things:

           1.  Clean up and delete as a "saved" choice all the incorrect prior entries.

           2.  When I do the above, ensure that all the correct entries are not deleted from the record.

           Is there a simple way to accomplish this. 

           I am not a FP expert by any means.  Just a simple user of the database.  Is there an easy fix for this?

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               I'm not sure that I understand your set up. Here's my best guess:

               You are selecting values from a drop down list. The drop down list is set to list values from the same field as the one set up with the drop down list which enables users to automatically add new values to the drop down list simply by typing a new entry in this drop down list field.

               Is that correct?

               If so, you can do the following:

               Enter find mode

               Select a misspelled entry from the drop down list.

               Perform the find

               If a single record is found just edit the field to correct the misspelling and it will disappear from your drop down list.

               If multiple records are found, you can edit the field in your current record and then use Replace Field Contents to update the other found records with the same value.

               Repeat until no more misspelled entries exist in your list.

               But I am making a lot of assumptions about the design of your database that may be incorrect.