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Multiple time frame for several items with flag.

Question asked by DawnKrueger_1 on Feb 6, 2015
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Multiple time frame for several items with flag.


 I work for a Printing service and need to ensure all jobs are scheduled properly from one area of the shop to  another to make sure they are completed by the due date from the customer.  I am working with a Filemaker Pro 12 database and need to create a method that would automatically flag a job if it is not on track. 

Example: a business card comes in and needs to be typeset this would be (1 day), the next step would be printing the item (1 day), next step would be cutting (1 day) which would complete the order.  This is only for business cards, as there are many other items that we print as in envelopes, letterhead, booklets, etc and all would need to have different time frames with their quantities and don't know where to start.

I am already using the countdown method for a general time frame from the date received and the due date, but how would I go about getting a seperate time frame for each item, depending on their quantities as well?

Would I have to create a seperate table for all the items, quantities and the time it takes to complete?

Thank you in advance