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multiple user data entry for contact information

Question asked by JudyKingsbury on Nov 5, 2013
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multiple user data entry for contact information



     I use FileMaker Pro for managing volunteer records, and want to find a way to allow volunteers at some of our big events update their own records. Currently, volunteers sign in on paper rosters, and then I or another person enter that data into the database. It would save a lot of time and effort (including deciphering hard-to-read names & addresses because of sloppy handwriting)

     If I use FileMaker Go on an iPad, this could be possible, it seems. The challenges I see are: 1) making it easy for a person who volunteers often to find his or her record to add hours each time of volunteering; 2) making it easy for a new person to create a record complete with name, address, and date & hours for this episode of volunteering; 3) allowing the first two without risking integrity of whole database (how to prevent accidental modification or deletion of other volunteer records; and 4) protecting each volunteer's privacy.

     Has anyone figured out how to do this?