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Multiple User Queston

Question asked by EfronHirsch on Oct 26, 2012
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Multiple User Queston


     I want to start a business requiring me to be the admin of a database and users to log into the database and enter data.

     If I'm the boss of my company and there are 5 employees all running Macs. Then I will need 6 copies of Filemaker Pro Server, so all my employees, is that correct?

     Alternatively, couldn't I do the same thing for a cheaper price with one copy of Filemaker Pro running on a Mac for me, the admin, and 5 iPads with plug in keyboards for my employees, the users?

     One thing that is important to me is that I don't want employees to be able to copy my database, so I feel the iPad would be more secure in this sense. Am I right in my way of thinking, or can you think of a better way?