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Multiple Users For Database

Question asked by ZoocMan85 on Jun 1, 2011


Multiple Users For Database


Hey Everyone,


    So i just finished a database on filemaker that took me 5 months to devlop however, my company wants it to be used for multiple users now. Originally when designing this it was only suppose to me loaded as a runtime application on one pc . Now the tables have turned. I tried the instant web publishing from filemaker advanced for the 5 users but some scripts didnt work because they arent web capable. I spoke to the guys at filemaker and they said filemaker server would be no benefit for me considering my database will run the same and will still run into script issues if still using web publishing. What do you guys suggest for multiple users to log on to the database without having to buy licenses of filemaker pro for the clients? Is there any type of java plugins i can use? Let me know. Thanks.

Ray Z


P.S. In reality i just need the clients to be able to use this database in a runtime enviorment.