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multiple users with global fields

Question asked by Marky1 on Aug 10, 2009
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multiple users with global fields



I am still trying to learn the basic techniques in filemaker so any help is really appreciated.


I have a table for time sheets with the fields; Start time, End time, Duration, Activity, Code, Date, User.

There needs to be support for multiple users, i have set up accounts in Accounts & Privileges.


You edit one date at a time and add activities to that date, so every record has a date and user field with it, so to show the correct records for the current date i do a find. with left and right buttons to change the current date.


To view what date you are currently editing i added a global field "Current Date Viewed" in a "Variables" table and set up a Merge Field to display it, this global field was kept in sync with a global variable $$currentDateViewed which i used to do the find.


My problem is with multiple users i dont think i will be able to use the global field and global variables as when one user changes their date the another user will be effected.

I tried to set up a "Staff Details" table with Username and its own "Current Date Viewed" field exept with this i cannot do a find because its in an unrelated table.


Any help would be great and also any hints on wether my method is the preferred method for sorting different users data.


Thanks, Marcus