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multiple users, record ownership, duplicate and modify records

Question asked by StanByk on Jan 24, 2010
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multiple users, record ownership, duplicate and modify records




I am an absolute Filemaker beginner and have a couple of questions which I can not seem to find answers to.

I am using Version 10 on a PC, but eventually the database will be used mainly on Macs.


I am trying to make an ordering database for a laboratory. The idea is that every member of the laboratory puts into the database what he/she wants to order and dedicated person in the lab will then, once a day or so, order the goods using the in-house ordering system. (this is the lab manager who oversees the budget)


The database is simple and contains fields such as: ordered_by, product, order number, supplier, quanity, price and a notes field.


What I want to achieve is:

a) Each user has its own login (managed to to that)


b) Each user can create records and view/search all the records in the database (managed to do that)


c) Each user can edit/change its own records (but not the records of others) until they have been ordered by the lab manager, then this record should become read-only for all the database users (don't know how to do that. Can I set a tickbox for the labmanager, who has admin rights on the database, to make the record read-only?) 


d) Each user should be able to search and reuse records, without touching the original record. In the process of reusing an old record, the user should have the possibility to change it, e.g. change the quantity. Since we often order the same stuff, once it runs out in the lab, it would be very convienent to just select it from an old order and then reuse it. (don't know how to approach this either, I tried to make a script which duplicates the order. E.g. once the user has found a button, he/she can klick on "Copy order",and modify it or not.)


Sorry for all these questions...

Any help I could get would be very much appreciated.

Thank you