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multiple value choices, repeating fields?

Question asked by margotjacqz on Mar 5, 2011
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multiple value choices, repeating fields?


Hi I am new here and to fmp (11). my old office had a database built with fmp3, and somewhat upgraded over the years. now they have closed I am starting fresh and have a pretty good start except for the above. The business is recruitment and one element that is important in candidate records is noting specific skills or talents which might be a find criterion. I think our old app used drop down lists and repeating fields, but I can't find anything in the current user's guide or here that helps me understand how to set these up, or if this really should now be handled differently.

As an example: I'd like to select by Indusrty, Languages and/or Software, two lists that are not going to be fixed (new software, add languages as spoken rather than start with the UN list). People might have none, one or multiple values on these skill lists. My cleint might want a chinese speaker with 3dStudio, or a photoshopper with german, a hotel designer with spanish, etc

What is the preferred way to manage this sort of record keeping?