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Multiple Value Frequency Search

Question asked by ScottM_2 on Mar 24, 2015
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Multiple Value Frequency Search


I have tried searching for this, but have come up empty.  I apologize up front if I am not describing my requirements well enough, so please ask for clarification where needed.  

I have a Table, "VISIT_CLINIC", that contains a patient's visits to a Medical Clinic (often many visits) and the associated treatment code.  This table is related to the "CLINIC" table via the clinic's unique ID, "clinic_fk" (and each new patient creates a new clinic UID for other reasons).  To allow for multiple treatments on a single visit, a "Visit Number" field is required which contains the visit number (1, 2, 3, etc.).  This, along with a treatment code field, "CPTCode_fk", (which is related to a treatment table that contains the treatment description) and other pertinent fields make up the Visit Table.  


What I need to do now is generate a Sub-Summary report (summarized by Visit #)  that shows how often a set of codes, "CPTCode_fk", are ALL billed on the same visit, "Visit Number", for each Patient, "clinic_fk". Example:  How often to ALL the codes 123, 567, 910, and 1112 show up under the same visit number for any Patient.  

Thank you in advance for you assistance!


The Database is setup as below (table names are the first line, the following lines are the <Primary Key>--<Foreign key> that define the relationships.  

Patient >-----------<CLINIC>--------<VISIT_CLINIC>-------<TREATMENT_CLINIC



                                                 <CPTCode_fk>--------------<CPT Code>