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    Multiple value search



      Multiple value search



      Please advice if there is a way to search data from a field in a table to another table. eg

      Table1 is use for property registration with the property title number inputed in the "Title" field, with data  e.g T1234 or V4325 or T5243.

      Table 2 is use when payment is made by cheque with the "Description" field for all the property title assigned to that cheque number e.g V4325, T1234.

      How can i search for all the records in Table1 that have either V4325 or T1234 so that i can update the status field of the found set to "Paid".


      Your suggestion will be very much appreciated.





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          Put the related field on the layout of the first table, and search in it.  It will be a bit slower than 'normal' searches as the field is unindxed.

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            I think you need a join table between table 1 and table 2. What if a check amount is not enough to fully pay off both/all properties to which you link it? It might be an amount that fully pays off one property and partially pays off another.

            With a join table, you can list each property associated with that payment, but then also document what portion of the payment is applied to that one property. Determining whether or not the property is paid for in full is done by totalling the amounts in the join table for all such records linked to that specific property.