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    Multiple window displaying data



      Multiple window displaying data


      Hi community,

      I am currently working on an order control system. My plan is to make use of both the list view and form view in 2 separate windows.

      So I have 2 layouts, both using the same table:

      - List view window

      - Form view window

      Normally the user will read the records in list view, showing generic information. When he wants to read the detail, he can then click the record and it will pop up a form view window showing the details, including pictures.

      My question is: For my form view window, are there any ways to detect change in active record (selected record) in the list view window and automatically change the current record to the newly selected record in the form view window?

      Thanks in advance


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          Is this a self join relationship or two TO's of the same relationship.  Simplest would be to turn a field, or the whole row into a transparent button on the list view, and use a GTRR in the button setup

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            The OnRecordLoad trigger can be set up on the list view layout to perform a script that updates what record is shown in the other window. You can also select all the fields in the list view body and format them as a single button to perform this script such that clicking a row in the list view opens/updates the second window.

            This can also be done all in one window and layout instead of two windows by using a portal for your "list view" portion of the interface.