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    Multiple Windows into One tabbed Window



      Multiple Windows into One tabbed Window



      Does anyone know of a way to converge all of the multiple windows that open in my database into one window and sort through the different windows using tabs?  Kind of like Firefox has when opening different sites?



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          Depending on the structure of your tables and exactly what you want to see, this may not be possible or it might be pretty easy to set up.

          Any given layout refers to exactly one Table Occurrence (a box in Manage | Database | Relationships) in the Show Records drop down in Layout Setup... Any references to fields and records on a given layout are controlled by that Table Occurence and the relationships you've used to link it to other tables.

          Thus, all parts of your Tab Control deal with the same found set, current record and sort order of a specific data source table. Records from other tables may be displayed via portals for one to many relationships or if it's a one to one relationship you can just put the fields directly on the layout. In either case the data you see is controlled by the relationship.

          Thus, if you can display the data from your windows in a series of portals on each tab, you can do this. If not, it won't really work, though some people simulate the effect by creating a series of layouts and use objects that look like your file tabs but are really buttons to switch the user from layout to layout.