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Multiple Windows operating together

Question asked by Mitch on Nov 11, 2012
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Multiple Windows operating together



     I have a database that records images and the data associated with these images.  The database runs mainly from one table (Main_Table).  From Main Table, I have the first layout that records and displays all the data for each image records along with a small container field that dipslays the image itself.    I have created a button on the first layout that that will open a second layout next the first. The second layout has the same container field as the first (except larger with no other fields) and also runs from the same Main Table. 

     Is there ayway I can link/create this second layout so the each time I run a script that will 'go to next record' on the first layout, the second layout will also 'go to next record'.  

     I would also like the second layout to change to what ever record the first layout has as its current record, even after searching.