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    Multiple workstations



      Multiple workstations


           Database solution is installed on server as a 5.5 version and each workstation has a different version of FMpro from 5.00,5.5, 7.0 and 8.5

           Main workstation has 5.5 which we want to retain.. Will the solution still be usable by 5.5 if the 7.0 or 8.5 is opened and the solution converts to later version?

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               It will not, The file format for versions 7 - 11 will be different than that used by 5.5.

               5.5 is an extremely old version of FileMaker. Current verion is 12--which is yet another file format different from the 7-11 versions.

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                 Thanks for the prompt reply, we are a heritage library with our own solutions that serve our particular purpose quite satisfactorily.

                 They have been running very stable for about fifteen years to our complete satisfaction.

                 What would be our best answer to compatibility?

                 There are five workstations and a server and about twelve databases , some relational, we started off with FM3 which is still in use.


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                   I strongly recommend that you upgrade everyone to either FIleMaker 11 or 12. The day will soon arrive when you can't get new hardware with an OS version that will run such old versions of FileMaker. You don't want to have to convert your database to the latest version on a crash basis due to not having a working DB until you do.

                   Even today, to upgrade to version 12 will require doing a two stage conversion first to .fp7 format and then to .fmp12 format--followed by extensive testing and debugging as not all aspects of the older files can be guaranteed to work exactly as they did in 5.5 or older versions due to the many changes in the software's capabilities and internal structure.