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    Multiple/Alternate value list



      Multiple/Alternate value list


      I have a field with a value list popup. Is there a way to trigger a separate value list to create an entry in that field?

      Or perhaps click a button which will display a value list, then when clicked, enter that item in a specified field?

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          Yes, but why? What problem does that solve for you? It's a complication I try to avoid unless there's a very real need for it.

          You could just put a different copy of this field elsewhere and when you select your value from a list there, you'll see the selected value appear in the field where you've currently located it.

          There are also ways to set up a script trigger for a script that uses Set Field to copy the value in a field where you've defined this drop down or pop up to your original filed--but again, that's an added complication that is fairly unusual.

          You can also use new window to pop up a small window where you have a layout designed for such structured input and there are ways to make this floating window act like a modal dialog where you can't interact with the rest of your database until this small window is dismissed.

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            Ah, of course. Just added a second copy of the field with a different value list attached.

            Attached the 2nd valuelist to the copy, assigned it an object name, placed it behind the first copy. Then added a button which selected the 2nd copy by object name.

            So when the top (normal) copy is selected, the 1st value list shows. When I click the button next to the field, the 2nd valuelist shows, all transparent to the user. 

            Problem solved!